American National Standards Institute
                X9F   - Committee on Information Security Standards for the Financial Services

                             Industry  - Vice Chairperson

                X9F1 - Cryptographic Tools - participant

                X9F4 - Cryptographic Protocols & Security Applications - Vice Chairperson

                X9F5 - Certificate Policies & Practices - participant. 

Bank Administration Institute

                Data Security Committee Chairperson 1984 - 1986

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

               Founder and Founding President 1982 - 1985


International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2

               CBK Review Committee active member


ISSA Education and Research Foundation

              Chairperson of the Board

L.A. County Computer Crime Task Force

                Legislative Advisor - 1987

National Academy of Sciences
             Computer Science &Telecommunications Board

                      Systems Security Study Committee. 

                      Co-author "Computers at  Risk: Safe Computing in The Information Age"
                                                                                  (National Academy Press, 1991)

                     Advisor on "Cyber-Security and the Insider Threat  to Classified Information"
                                                                                  (November 2000)

National Computer System Security & Privacy Advisory Board

               Represented the banking industry as one of only four private sector members 1992 - 1996

National Institute of Science and Industry

                IT Lab Program  Assessment Board 1992 - 1998

U. S. Council for International Business

                E-Commerce Committee - Active advisor



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