Our InfoSec Services include security incident response development, business continuity / disaster recovery planning, privacy legislation compliance audit, security review, network security analysis, security architecture design, policy / procedure development, and cryptographic design. L&A has experience in many industry segments, with extensive background in the financial services industry. We also serve the e-commerce product development-manufacturing-marketing industries with competitive marketing assessment and product viability studies with respect to infosec issues..

ur Business Management Services can benefit all types of industries and  we have served companies in many fields. L&A specializes in a very unique area not normally served by most consulting firms. As a result of our 25 years experience in matters of church operations, L&A identified a need for Parish and Congregational business management advisory services to Pastors. This specialty service covers every phase of non-liturgical operations,  including Pastor's personal business advisory,  accounting/bookkeeping, audits, operating and staff policy development, staff evaluation, computer & network systems, construction/restoration projects, property maintenance methodology; finance councils, vendor contract negotiations, school boards and fund development programs.


Our company evolved from a one-person venture in 1965 to employing scores of subject matter experts across the country to service our worldwide client base. In the first 20 years, L&A concentrated in vertically integrated business systems consultation services - from general business methodologies to HR policy issues. Beginning in the early 1980s we introduced the efficiency of desktop computer systems to small businesses where we wrote, installed and serviced custom applications. In the fast evolution and ubiquitous distribution of the PC we saw, very early on, a growing need for data security, particularly in the protection of intellectual property. The late 80s and early 90s led us into the development and implementation of more sophisticated Business Impact Analyses, and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans. Later, the need to respond to legislatively mandated privacy directives brought to L&A new opportunities to further serve the business community. Today, L&A is a "big" small, private, woman-owned business that, unlike its many large competitors, can respond to client needs with much greater flexibility and speed, and equitable expertise in all areas of service that the company provides.


FREE - to prospective clients. We offer to review your needs at no cost - no obligation. Simply contact us with your concerns and questions and we will be happy to answer you without a fee or commitment on your part. One hour telephone interview, by appointment, and subject to staff availability.. 

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